Complaints Procedure

All complaints will be dealt with quickly and effectively between the individuals concerned and any justified grievances will be promptly remedied. Where the basis, or primary intention of a complaint refers to the dissatisfaction of a treatment outcome and follow-on treatment has been provided, then the complaints procedure will not apply. Our complaints procedure is for the sole purpose of investigating potential negligence or malpractice.
All complaints should be sent to:
Procedure for the handling of complaints:
  • All complaints will initially be investigated by the Registered Aesthetic Nurse.
  • All complainants will receive a written acknowledgment within 3 working days of the complaint (typically via automated email response which should be accepted as notice that your complaint has been successfully submitted).
  • The complainant will receive a written response within 10 working days via email.
  • All parties involved in a complaint will be informed of the outcome and advised on preventing recurrence.
  • Upon completion of a complaint, a full written report will be made including any recommendations and actions by the Registered Nurse.
Where a complainant is not satisfied at the conclusion of the investigation, they may request a review of the investigation within 10 working days of the investigation report being issued. In order to progress with a review the complainant must set out in writing the basis on which they believe the initial investigation has failed to address their concerns. The written objection must be received no later than 15 working days of the investigation report being issued.
First Review – will be completed within 10 working days of receipt of the written objection and will assess whether any aspect of the investigation was inadequate. Where the investigation is found to be lacking then the Registered Nurse will be entitled to a make any reasonable steps to rectify this.
Second Review – if necessary an external review will be completed which will be directed to a suitably qualified professional or adjudication service. Please note that this stage will only look at whether we have followed our processes and made a reasonable effort to investigate the concerns, provided the complainant with a sufficient explanation, and whether the necessary recommendations and actions were taken.
How your complaint will be investigated:
The Registered Aesthetic Nurse will conduct an investigation and will gather information. This will lead to a full written report being produced and made available to those concerned.
The investigation will include:
Speaking to all persons concerned as well as manufacturers and suppliers where necessary Reviewing records and other documents Producing a written summary of the facts of the complaint Producing responses to written complaints Completing the appropriate records of the complaint Informing all relevant parties as to the outcome of the complaint and taking any remedial action required
The complaints procedure and any outcome is confidential. It is expected that a complainant refrains from making any public statement regarding their concerns. Should a patient make any public statement then the clinic reserves the right to cease the complaints procedure until such statements are withdrawn. The clinic welcomes feedback and comment but asks that patient’s use the complaints process rather then online review sites as a means of resolving their concerns.

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