About Injector Maya

Injector Maya is a Nurse-led aesthetics clinic founded in 2019 for aesthetic treatments.


Nurse Maya is the Lead Practitioner at Injector Maya clinic who carries a BSC degree in General Psychology with Specialty in Clinical Psychology, and a BSC degree in Adult Nursing. Nurse Maya is an NMC registered medical practitioner and spent the last few years investing in her knowledge of Aesthetics in UK and abroad so she can provide the very best treatment options and innovative techniques for various skin concerns.


Maya is not only passionate about saving lives, but she also has a passion for enhancing people’s natural beauty and helping clients to feel more confident. With Maya’s help, you can look your best and feel confident without being ‘overfilled’ or looking overdone.


With an extensive list of loyal clients, Injector Maya is known as the ‘Complexion Heaven’ and offers treatments that produce visible long-lasting results, in luxury settings where you can relax and unwind.Nurse Maya takes appointments in three locations: Slough, Windsor and London. Nurse Maya works with a team of exceptional aesthetic therapists who provide an extensive range of injectable, skincare, and device-based treatments.


 The Injector Maya team is committed to customer satisfaction from the moment you enter the clinic to the moment you leave and beyond. Our approach to every client is individual, our skin experts work with you to create a treatment plan based on your concerns whether skin or body.


At Injector Maya clinic our priority is to bring our clients the most effective treatments in the safest way. We use only the top products and devices, which have been FDA approved or CE marked. All of our treatments are carried out by the most experienced aesthetic specialists in the industry. Our clients come first, and we will work with you to bring you the best possible results in the safest way.


Our main priority is patient-centered care, and our objective is to provide a safe and effective service that is followed by our three values:

  • Patient Comes First – patients’ well-being is our priority and everything we do refers to supporting their needs. Each decision and action we take is with the patient in mind and the patient as our priority ensures everyone at our clinic remains focused on providing the best possible experience and ensures our team works together with a common goal.
  • Treatment Choice – to be able to treat our patients it is important that have as many treatment options as possible. We constantly research the market for new treatments and are proud to say we have one of the most extensive ranges of treatments available.
  • Consult not Sell – understanding our patients and their needs is more important than selling treatments. Saying no is as important as saying yes and ensures we only offer the most appropriate choices to our patients. Our aim is to provide clients with the best advice, even if that means we might recommend to a client they are just perfect the way they are.

All our patients are unique and our service is focused on forming a long-term partnership in which we can work together. Whether aesthetics is new to you, or you are simply looking to find out about the options available, or if you have chosen a specific treatment, our aim is to listen, assess, provide advice and support you. At Injector Maya our treatment plans are designed around improving your appearance through subtle and natural enhancements which will help to rebuild your confidence in how you look.


Aesthetic medicine is a constantly evolving field which relates to both the physical and emotional aspects of ageing. As we live longer, we want to look and feel better. The way we perceive ourselves has an impact on our psychological health. Our patients feel supported during and after the treatment as time is always taken to ensure those who visit Injector Maya can express their concerns without any judgment.

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